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Payment Terms

Invoices are due for payment within 28 days of the date of issue. 
After 21 days a reminder will be sent advising payment is due within 7 days.
Invoices outstanding thereafter will receive a chargeable, 7 day legal demand and an administration charge of £25 + VAT* will be applied to unpaid accounts.

Invoices outstanding thereafter may be passed to a third party debt collection agency for which additional charges will be due and applied to your account.
Invoices outstanding following receipt of a final demand may be subject to service of a Notice of Potential Liability against the title of the property.  A charge of £90* will be applied to your account.
Court action for recovery of debt may be instructed where accounts remain unpaid 90 days after the due date. Any expenses awarded by the Court under a Decree for Payment will be due in addition to the principal sum pursued. 
In cases of formal Court proceedings, where levels of indebtedness affect our ability to manage a block or development effectively, we may share information about the levels of debt with other Owners having common interest in the block or development.
* Charges are current as at September 2017