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Residential and Commercial Property Management
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Property Management

Redpath Bruce has been managing residential property for over 110 years.
At Redpath Bruce we provide a professional property management service, with responsibility for the areas of a development under common ownership. We specialise in all types of property from traditional tenements to modern blocks of flats and grounds maintenance. Each property has a dedicated property manager who is fully conversant with all matters relating to that property.
As agent we would expect to be involved in :
  • Making regular visits to properties.
  • Appointing an insurance broker to arrange common insurance at competitive rates.
  • Arranging common repairs and seeking competitive tenders where appropriate.
  • Organising maintenance contracts such as cleaning, gardening, lifts, life safety systems etc.
  • Administering play areas and leisure facilities.
  • Settling tradesmens’ accounts.
  • Apportioning property charges and issuing invoices to Owners at agreed intervals.
  • Administering property sinking funds for cyclical maintenance.
  • Attending owners meetings.
  • Assisting with the establishment of Residents’ Associations.
  • Dealing with day to day enquiries from our clients and Residents’ Associations.
Our strengths lie in our approachable, knowledgeable and efficient staff who are supported by experienced senior personnel and Directors.
Should you wish a quotation for management services at your property please contact us.


At Redpath Bruce we provide a full management service, with responsibility for the areas of a building under common ownership or where there are shared facilities between occupiers.
Each building has a dedicated property manager who is fully conversant with all matters relating to that property.
As Agent we would expect to be involved in issues such as:
  • Making regular visits to site.
  • Appointing an insurance broker to arrange insurances at competitive rates.
  • Arranging repairs and seeking competitive tenders where appropriate.
  • Organising maintenance contracts such as cleaning, grounds maintenance, lifts, life safety systems etc.
  • Employing cleaners, caretakers and other staff.
  • Carrying out additional services imposed by FRI leases.
  • Allocating all charges in accordance with Titles, Deeds of Condition or Leases.
  • Informing owners of relevant new legislation.
Our strengths lie in the fact that we specialise in management and do not treat it as on ‘add on’ service. We have extremely knowledgeable, approachable and efficient staff, who are supported by experienced senior personnel and Directors.


As part of our management service we offer to place a range of common insurances. To ensure the best policy coverage, good claims service, widest marketing and most competitive rates we appoint an independent insurance broker to arrange the insurances.  Detail of any insurance that we may place on your behalf is available in the ‘My Property’ section of the website or by contacting your property manager.
As a minimum we require that all properties under our management have in place a common Property Owners’ Liability policy which covers the owners for any costs awarded against them to a third party should that third party have suffered an injury or loss as a result of an accident at the owners’ property.
Depending on owners’ requirements we may also place other insurances such as:
Comprehensive Buildings Insurance which covers the fabric and permanent fixtures of the building. It may also include an element for communal contents, such as stair carpets. It will not include private contents. The insurance provides cover to re-build or re-instate following damage suffered as a consequence of an insured peril such as fire, storm, break-in, escape of water.

Terrorism Insurance is cover purchased by property owners to cover their potential losses and liabilities that might occur due to terrorist activities.

Engineering Insurance There are statutory requirements for lifts to be inspected at prescribed frequencies. Engineering Insurance includes for the necessary inspections along with cover in the event of damage either to the lift or caused by the lift as a result of an insured peril.
Employers Liability Insurance If staff are directly employed on a development such as a concierge or cleaner then the owners are responsible for their health and safety. This insurance will enable the owners to meet the cost of compensation for their employee’s injuries or illness sustained as a result of their work at the development.

What will you pay us for providing this service?

We do not charge a fee for placing the insurance. The insurance broker receives a commission directly from the insurer. We carry out a number of the tasks that would normally be carried out by the broker including the administration and issue of policy documentation, certificates and endorsements, billing services and claims assistance. For providing these services the broker shares with us their commission received from the insurer.

Re-instatement Cost Assessment for Buildings Insurance Purposes

It is each owners’ responsibility to ensure that the sum insured on their building is adequate. In other words that the sum insured would be sufficient to fully re-instate the building, including costs for demolition, site clearance and professional fees in the event of a total loss.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors recommends that properties should be valued every 5 years to ensure that the correct sum insured is in place.

Redpath Bruce can arrange for re-instatement cost assessments (insurance valuations) to be carried out by suitably qualified Surveyors, if requested by the owners.

In between valuations it is recommended that sums insured are increased in line with the Building Cost Index to ensure that they remain up to date. This is called index-linking.

Redpath Bruce LLP is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Redpath Bruce Property Management Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Redpath Bruce LLP.

Report a Common Repair
Repairs reported via our web-form will receive attention within 5 working days, if possible, please upload any photos of the area requiring repair.  If the repair is urgent, please do not report it here please call our repairs department on 0141 332 9041 during office hours, if it is outwith office hours please go to our Emergency Repairs section of the website to find contact details of our Out of Hours Contractors.
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Contractor Procurement

Due to increasing Health and Safety Regulation within the construction industry we have reviewed our contractor procurement procedure and have adopted the Safe Contractor accreditation scheme.

Written Statement of Services

To view our statement of services for homeowner clients please click on the link. This document should be read in conjunction with your property specific service schedule.

Ways to Pay

Payment of your common charges and proposed works can be made in various ways.
Click here for details of ways to pay.

Payment Terms and Debt Recovery

In order to provide an effective factoring service it is imperative that we administer a strict but fair debt recovery procedure. Every homeowner should appreciate that failure to settle their account within our payment terms may compromise the maintenance, repair, servicing and insurance not just of their property but of the whole building or development.

Complaints Procedure

Redpath Bruce is committed to providing a high standard of customer service. However occasionally our standards may fall beneath the level of service you should expect and for this purpose we have set out our complaints handling procedure.


In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and communicate more efficiently we have been encouraging our clients to opt-in to e-billing and e-correspondence. For every new client who opts-in to e-comms we will donate £1.00 to the Simon Community Scotland, a charity committed to combatting the causes and effects of homelessness across Scotland. To arrange to receive your communications by email please complete this form and send to our email address.

How do I change my Factor ?

The task of changing your Factor is quite straightforward and Redpath Bruce are very experienced at assisting owners in making this happen. Simply follow a few easy steps and we will do the rest for you.

Step 1  You can call us on 0141 332 9041 and ask to speak to a member of our new business team or email us at We will then contact you to discuss your requirements.

Step 2  We will ask you to complete a simple questionnaire and reading this together with your Deed of Conditions or Title Deed we will recommend your next course of action.

Step 3  Depending on the terms of your Titles or Deed of Conditions you will either need to call an owners meeting to arrange a vote to change factor or you will need a simple majority agreement from your co-owners. We will provide you with the necessary voting mandates to be signed in each case. Complete the voting mandate form and return to Redpath Bruce.

Step 4  A member of our new business team will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss how and when the changeover should happen.

Step 5  Welcome packs will be issued to owners with key information regarding our new management.

We have provided a link to a helpful and independent article explaining the role of a property factor on the Under One Roof website here